Saturday, August 17, 2013

Green Heron - Got to work for the belly.

What a great day to be fishing! There he stood patiently, waiting for just the right moment.

I believe he's about to get lucky.

Yup, there it is.....

Got it!

Darn, it looked a lot bigger than it actually is.

Tasty morsel.

Dang, I'm still hungry....looks like I'm gonna have to work some more if i want to fill my belly.

Not know how those teenagers are....they just want to play and take it easy.

Oh belly wants more food....gotta get back to work.


  1. It is really fun watching herons and egrets hunt. They do some great poses as they listen and watch for prey. Re the Swallow-tailed Kites you mentioned, I bet you are seeing in Sanibel kites that are migrating south that we saw the previous days at Lake Apopka.

    1. I do believe that the Swallow-tailed Kites are my favorite - as I never tire of watching them soar and to see so many was like a cherry on top!

  2. Great action sequence, France! I empathize with his "thought it was bigger" impression! Been there!

  3. This is a nice action series, France! I can empathize with the heron's "looked a lot bigger" thought. Been there!

  4. Yeah, good thing they have patience built in, hey? I think I'm learning a thing or two more about that virtue.