Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dipping my toes back in

It's been a bit since I last posted and it's been weeks since I last ventured unto a trail. Life has been rough emotionally and sadly my husband passed away. It is still quite fresh and I'm feeling raw but I'm making an effort to get out there and work my way through it. This morning I joined my friend Elaine and we visited the 6 miles Cypress Slough - perfect for soothing the soul if you ask me.....take a look......
These lily pads were just lovely - simply sitting on the surface when I suddenly noticed a while feather floating by.

This setting really spoke to me - as I saw this broken heart with a tear as.....

this white feather slowly drifted away....sort of like my recent experience. Thanks for letting me share and for baring with me - soon I hope to be able to post about our feathered friends as they make their way through during migration. Peace. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Reddish Egret and Swallow-tailed Kites

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted on my blog - life has put a few sticks in my wheel lately which has slowed me down in many venues. Today I'm regrouping following a brief morning walk on the beach and what better time than the present to compile a few of my favorite latest pics.....come along and check it out.....
It was on July 5th that I capture this Reddish Egret family - one of the parent was on top of the vegetation....

 while the young one was watching from a few feet away while stretching/practicing its wings.

It seemed to be snatching some insects here and there - most likely waiting for the parents to deliver better morsels.

The chick didn't stay up but 30 minutes before retreating to its cozy nest. According to some recent reports the chick is now on the beach and following its parent - learning to fish but mostly begging to be fed. I wish it well and also hope that it moves away from the pier area but it's probably unlikely.**********************
 Now, here I am 10 days later.....I come out of my beach walk and spot this dozen of Swallow-tailed Kites roosting along the road - I raced home to get my camera and I was glad to see that they had not left yet.

 What a beautiful sight this is! Watching them was quite a blessing and for a brief moments I was able to forget about what is going on in my life right now.

 This is now two summer in a row that I've not been able to do much bird watching and I've missed seeing the progress of a lot of baby birds growing up.
In any event, this sighting is truly precious and I treasure each minutes in their presence....soon they will depart and head south.....there's always next year, right.....well, that's what I said last year too.....go figure.
 And that's why it is best to live in today and appreciate all that there is in the now.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Reddish Egret chick

It feels a bit odd to be here once again, my time is consumed with way too many things and unfortunately birding is not one of them and I miss it on so many different levels - though I am here now and I am sharing this little beauty - I took an early morning and raced a few miles away before getting ready for work - I got there just as the sun was getting ready to rise and searched for this bird that had been reported....take a look.....

here we have a Reddish Egret chick sitting in the nest, waking up ever so slowly....

its eyes and feathers are totally priceless.

Not too far away its parent could be seen hunting for food.

The chick seems to be restless as it moved around and stretched its wings and even stepping

off the nest and unto the branches. The word out there is that this is the first Reddish Egret nest on Sanibel that we know of, I hope it fledges safely....anyday now.

Good luck little one, we wish you a long and healthy life.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Babies, Coyote, Oh My!

We've been under a deluge these past couple of weeks and the landscape has changed quite a bit due to the excess water - causing some of the birds to change their hangouts. I ventured out this morning and I was lucky to stay dry however for the time being I had to rename the Bailey Tract to MosquitoeVille....if you go be prepared. Come along and see what was on my path today.....
Now that is interesting - I've never seen the Black-necked Stilts on the grass before

The chicks are really growing up fast, one of them even attempted to fly

I kept watching and I couldn't believe my own eyes that they were venturing down the street!

I hope they stay safe and are able to make their journey back south safely.

Not too far from there I caught sight of a family of Killdeer.

On my way back I spotted a Coyote in the distance, I think it spotted me at the same time too.

It did not let me get very close before sprinting out of sight and into the field - the field is flooded and I could hear two of them running away from me.

After getting back to my car for more mosquito spray - I decided to take a quick drive to the Indigo Trail at Ding Darling.

A family of Yellow-crowned Night Heron seems to be doing well.

Those chicks are growing up fast too.

Not too far was another Yellow-crowned Night Heron pair.

A pair of Green Heron that recently fledged their nest.

Back for another look of those Yellow-crowned Night Heron - it's hard to stay away from watching those two.

They have such cute expressions that begs captions.

A Great-Blue Heron made a quick appearance.

And this concludes my visit for today - stay tuned for my next adventure.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ole stomping ground

It is good to reconnect to my field roots - it brings me peace and serenity and right now I need it in addition to food and water in order to survive, come along and see how relaxing the Bailey Tract and its surrounding can be - especially first thing in the morning....
I've seen many Marsh Rabbits along the trails of the Bailey Tract - however they are usually down on all fours while chewing on grass and not standing tall like it is here.

Of course a customary look at the Magic Tree is in order and it did not disappoint - A Cardinal and a Great Crested Flycatcher stood alert while the Pileated Woodpecker whizzed on by.

I know that the Cardinal is a common sight but what's not to love about this scarlet coat and black mask!

A Red-bellied Woodpecker in his Tree House - well truth be told - it's actually a Christmas Vine and it surely caught my attention.

Shocked!! This is not something that I've seen before - a river Otter walking away with its soft shell turtle - who knew they ate turtle too!

This one made me sad - let me explain....the Anhinga has sharp teeth along its bill and they all point toward the throat - it's perfect for flipping a fish down the hatch after stabbing it however if they try to eat fish that hang around docks with ropes - the Anhinga is bound to get some rope stuck around its bill....luckily for this guy he's figuring out how to eat his fish by bringing it to shore, stabbing it repeatedly and somehow swallows bits and pieces....sometimes life hands you lemons, the trick is to learn how to make lemonade out of it.

Green Herons are everywhere now - it also coincides with nesting and raising young ones - in a few months they'll be harder to spot.

Here's another view of my challenged Anhinga - on the left is a gator.

See what I mean, the rope material is blocking the hatch.

A very young soft-shell turtle floating lazily among the fishes.

The Black-necked Stilts were happily foraging while the parents kept a close eye for protection.

They grow up so quickly and before we know it they'll be going south by the end of July/August and won't returned until March.

The Common Ground Dove - our smallest dove.

A Little Blue Heron in its Calico phase - by next year it'll be all blue.

A young Tricolored Heron was nearby too....

and then they crossed paths.

And this is just what the doctor ordered because while I watch nature unfold before my eyes there is no room for anything else.....until the next time.