Thursday, September 22, 2016

Migration time at the Slough

Migration was heating up at the Slough this past week and it makes me wish that I lived nearby so that I could hop over on a daily basis. In any event, I had the opportunity to visit on Monday and enjoyed seeing/being part of this 'heaven on earth' that the slough exhumes while walking over the water - on the boardwalk that is. 
Several photos were taken and some of them were decent, take a look for yourself.....
My first interesting sighting was in the early morning hours and way up at the top of the trees, after watching it for a bit - I started to recognize

that I was admiring a Baltimore Oriole - the size, the shape, the bill and the wing bars were my main clues - the computer helped me to clarify its identity.

And then, toward the end of our boardwalk enjoyment - we were blessed with quite an exciting viewing....

right in front of us - at eye level - we had this large group of birds show up.....this Worm-eating Warbler,

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher,

Yellow Warbler,

Prairie Warbler and

Carolina Wren all of a sudden gathered together and voiced some sort of excitement - they were obviously disturbed over something.....

we watched with excitement and awe and soon realized why they were so....

it was this Yellow Rat Snake that caused all this excitement - eventually the birds left the area, the snake resumed its descent down the trunk and no one was hurt in the process.

And this, my friends, concluded yet another memorable morning at the Slough.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bailey Tract

A visit to the Bailey Tract always brings nice surprises, come along and see....
My first greeter today - a young female Belted Kingfisher.

Another loud greeter - the Green Heron - this one with its crest up and its neck all stretched out - made it looked very tall.

It was soon joined by 3 others.

What a glorious beacon this Bald Eagle makes.

I have a feeling I know who these are....

sure enough, Eastern Kingbirds.

The Red Cardinal wondered what the fuss was all about.

Another look or two - what a treat to see it relatively close by.

One of two Pied-billed Grebe, my first fall sighting - welcome back!

Poor photos but it was my first time putting my camera on a Bobolink, it was quite a bit of a distance away but it sure made for a nice sign off for the day!


Saturday, September 17, 2016

A few of my favorite things

Some photos that I took this week while observing the wildlife around me - come along and see....
This Short-billed Dowitcher was observed on Tuesday near Turner Beach.

A visit to Rotary Park on Wednesday brought good sighting of this tailless Prairie Warbler.

A Loggerhead Shrike - I'm so glad they are back in town.

In the woods we found a Chuck-will's-Widow, quite a nice surprise to see it - usually I hear it and it's pitch black outside.

Some colorful Golden-silk Spiders can be found in the woods too and if you're not careful you might just walk into their wide webs.

Paper Wasps - check the tiny waist! It is said to sting but are not aggressive.

And OH MY! What a nice surprise - a Mangrove Cuckoo hanging - where else - in the mangroves!

Another Golden Silk -pretty but I'll still keep my distance, thank you.

Yesterday I took my husband out to lunch along  the Causeway - great homemade Chicken salad sandwich with a fantastic water view with a bonus: A Great Egret.

This morning I was biking across the island and entered the Pond Apple Trail which was mostly under water - ahead of me was a Northern Waterthrush bobbing along while eating its fill in the puddles.

After reaching several very deep puddles I decided to turn around - on my way back, these Egrets had taken this spot for some rest.

I just love to watch the wildlife and it always makes me wonder what they are thinking about - feel free to fill in the blanks on this scene.  

Monday, September 12, 2016

Lakes Park

Our Warbler hot spot is closed for boardwalk repairs - so we opted to visit Lakes Park, it had been a while since we did so and we were blessed with quiet trails, a nice breeze and a lovely variety of wildlife and nature - come along and see....
A lovely Red-shouldered Hawk gave us time to ponder its identity - what is it with hawks and their confusing looks!

This young Tricolored Heron was catching the early morning sun rays just right.

What's not to love about the brilliant Red Cardinal!

A Great Blue Heron beautifully framed.

Not too far away we witnessed a pair of Bald Eagles getting their nest in shipshape condition for the upcoming season.

Another Red-shouldered Hawk - more pondering...

It figured it'd better lean and rest while we did so, as it might take us a while.

This very young Marsh Rabbit was too cute to pass up...

with a very debonair white mustache under its nose.

The Loggerhead Shrike are back in sight!

A walk through the Fragrance Garden gave us opportunity to enjoy and admire this Monarch Caterpillar, had I been quick enough we would also have a Monarch Butterfly photo to go with this.

An eye candy of a bloom from the....

Also, the Dwarf Royal Poinciana....check the bloom out....

 just breathtaking!