Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunset Love

Right after dinner tonight I had this strong urge to go to the beach and see what the little Snowy Plovers have been up to.
It didn't take me long to find them - my first sighting was a Snowy incubating 3 eggs 

Not far from there a male Snowy Plover was busy making more scratches with the hopes of alluring a female that was nearby - after scratching several 'bowls', the female came closer and....

as you guessed it, they started mating for what must have taken an entire minute...

in the mean time the sun is setting in the horizon and we have elated birds who can barely contain themselves - I think they were thinking about lighting up a cigarette.

Sunset love at its best!


  1. France, I don't know how you do it! The nature gods must have a red phone just to call you!
    The "falling over" picture is that FUNNIEST thing!
    We're waiting with baited breath for Snowy Plover eggs on Siesta Beach. The Audubon "powers that be" are trying to counter predation by Fish Crows here and in Marco by putting down "false"
    eggs and Snowy decoys. The eggs have a coating that is supposed to make them sick, not harm them, and teach them not to eat Snowy eggs. I have a bad feeling about this--all these plans seem to fall to unintended consequences. Let's hope for the best this breeding season-
    Bird on,

    1. Patch, I tend to feel the same way and I too hope for the best.

  2. Great series of photos the last is the best.

    1. Thanks. I really felt blessed to be there at that moment.