Thursday, June 12, 2014

Charlotte Harbor Buffer - a 20/20 Preserve property

Today I had the opportunity to join a friend from my Caloosa Bird Club and the pleasure to re-visit the Charlotte Harbor Buffer - a Lee County Conservation 20/20 Preserves. 
Some of the Burrowing Owls were out of their holes and provided us with smiling moments.

The Meadowlarks could be seen along the power lines in several locations.

Not one of my best photo - however it is one of a Juvenile Towhee - not something that I get to see on a regular basis.
The Red-headed Woodpecker - with its classic tuxedo - is just unmistakable as it flashes its colors as it flies by.

The Eastern Bluebird is always breathtaking - this one played quite a bit of hide-n-seek too.

The Common Flicker was spotted too

And of course - we had our visit with the Scrub Jays - 2 of them.

It was a great birding day - thank you Dotty for inviting me along. I saw quite a few species today and was able to add to my list for the June Challenge - all in all - a fabulous day. My E-Bird List across North Fort Myers and North Cape Coral and back to Sanibel

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  1. Every time I see pictures of the common red-headed woodpecker. I think back and chuckle...