Saturday, November 8, 2014

"A spiritual necessity"

An open house was taking place today in Venice - Clyde Butcher's Studio. We were given a tour of the dark room where the negatives are developed - one of Clyde's assistant explained the whole process to us. Afterwards we enjoyed admiring his work throughout the gallery. 
I'm sharing one of his statements because I can identify with it.....
as I find too that "wilderness is a spiritual necessity". So, on the way back home - I made a stop at Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park - a place that I've driven by several times, yet never taking the time to stop and check it out. My time was limited today however it was a fantastic 30 minutes of my time.

The Scrub Pines were plentiful and abuzz with life.....the White Ibis welcomed me.

Pine Warblers were everywhere too - understandable especially since it is their habitat. In addition, I noticed many Yellow-rumped Warblers flitting about almost as if a whole flock had arrived, they were my first of the season.

I admired several Downy Woodpeckers as I was also wondering if this one might have been a young one from the look of his 'downy' belly feathers - I welcome any and all comments.

I spoke with a gal and she shared that the loop is 1.5mile long with several meandering side trails.

This one had an incline - a rare treat in flat Florida.

The view from another 'higher' point.

I saw a lonely Pied-billed Grebe here and wondered how many other ducks will come to this spot.

It is in places such as these that my soul feels most at home.

Another Pine Warbler - it was hard to make a positive I.D. - the light was changing and many twigs kept getting in the way - but I believe I got enough clues leading me to this conclusion.

....such as the ring around the eye, a faint bar going across the eye, the yellow throat and chest, the bill color and the two wing bars.

As I was leaving a Woodstork landed next to a Great Egret.

The head and bill indicates a younger stork, as it ages it will become blackish gray and the brownish feathers on the neck will be replaced with white ones.
This location is now on my 'go back to' list, there is much to explore and see. If you've been there, please share your experience. My E-Bird List 


  1. It does look like a place to go back to, and I agree that many of us want and need that time to ourselves out in nature by ourselves.

  2. Wonderful post! Would love to go there sometime with you.