Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sora at the Bailey Tract

A visit to the Bailey Tract is always eventful and fruitful - and I might add that it's full of surprises too because you just never know what you might see....and today was no exception.

The Sora has been spotted on and off along the Middle Dike and it pleased me to find it out and about foraging for food.
 The Sora is a marsh bird and supposedly common - though it is so well camouflaged that it is often hard to find. This Sora has been around for a month now. I've looked for it many times and missed it, but not today.
In between admiring the Sora, I couldn't help but notice the Tricolored Heron in the beginning of its breeding plumage - wow!

The Sora was now out in the open! This is my lucky day and I'm not even Irish.

After a while I made my way to the Airplane Canal - the Cormorant was on its usual log - this log was previously the turtle hangout until this Cormorant claimed it as his own.

As I traveled back toward the Sora, I noticed a Yellow-crowned Night Heron sleeping peacefully.

He is sporting his breeding plumage - check how red the legs are and his long head plume.

The turtle seemed to know exactly where to go.

 And so did the Sora.
My E-bird List for today.

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