Friday, November 18, 2016

Bowman's Beach

It had been a while since I last visited Bowman's Beach and I thought I'd better get over there before it gets crowded. Come along and see what I bumped into.....
My first group turns out to be Short-billed Dowitchers, sweet!

As I turned around and looked to the East I can't help but fall in love with the sunrise.

Oh, what a nice surprise - my first of the season Common Loon is just a few yards away.

A nice group of Red Knots passed me.
This pair of Osprey is getting ready for their new family.

A Brown Pelican just chilling on a No Wake buoy.

More Red Knots by the sea shore.

One of many Snowy Egrets that I saw this morning.

The Snowy Plovers were all hanging out together...

Some Black-bellied Plover wanted to hang out with them too.

I love to watch the little Snowy form a bowl to sit in to rest and blend in.

A Cormorant was drying out after his fishing extravaganza.

I love his serious expression.

I got lucky to have all 8 Snowy Plovers in this frame.

Cute pair, no?

A not so lucky Sandwich Tern - on the other hand the Ghost Crab looks pretty smug.

Now that I work at the Shell Museum I can't help myself but pay more attention to the sea shells - especially when the mollusk is still alive within this beautiful Lightning Whelk.

Here's the pair - busy at getting the nest ready.

It's time for me to wrap it up but before I go - one more look at this beautiful vista.

I believe it's time for breakfast.