Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pond Apple Trail and retention Ponds

I had a great time this morning exploring the Pond Apple Trail and the retention ponds area, the birds have slowly returned and it is a welcome sight! Come along and enjoy the view.....
I was promptly greeted by the Red-shouldered Hawk.

It was quite a sight to see some of the birds flying through the maze of branches and leaves - I soon realized that they were getting an early bath - the Great-crested Flycatcher is looking a bit damp afterwards.

Along the retention pond I heard these 'gurgling' sounds which led me to a pair of Marsh Wren, they were quite entertaining.

And across the path I found a silent House Wren

The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher probably comes second to the Hummingbird as far as speed is concerned, it's hard to pin them down.

A young Black-crowned Night Heron was seen coming out from the thick vegetation.

The Wood Stork with its lovely pink feet - this one is young with its pale bill and fuzzy head.

This Brown Pelican duo were seen flying and eating together.

While by the bank, a Great Blue Heron was quite satisfied with its latest catch.

The Palm Warbler seemed curiously interested.

This will take some time to get it down.

A Pied-billed Grebe with a Tricolored Heron were watching from afar.

This is quite a catch and a Cormorant wanted some of that....

It's a bird eat fish world out there - the survival of the quickest....

or maybe the biggest.

There's plenty of fish for everyone, Osprey included.

"You do not see me, I am part of the fence".

It's fish time for the Stork now.

Then it's resting time....does it have to be in the poison ivy?

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