Friday, November 4, 2016

Visit at the Slough

I was fortunate to finally be able to hook up with Elaine and to be visiting the Slough once again. The boardwalk was peaceful and the sightings were special with its usual surprise elements, come along and see....
It was super fun to observe this female Belted  Kingfisher, she stayed a while and delighted us with her close proximity.

Not too far away in the dark recesses of the slough - a Black-crowned Night Heron was patiently waiting for the right morsel to come about.

The Lily Pads flowers have gone to seed.

Another encounter of the Belted Kingfisher - check that bill out!

Sometimes the color of the boardwalk will lead you to looking up and this is what you might find - a Great Blue Heron.

Another Black-crowned Night Heron - I love these guys with their bright red eyes and colorful legs.....

the three shades of grey is also special.

We bumped into Jose along the trail and he mentioned a Limpkin ahead - a very unusual sighting at this venue, most likely the snail eggs are responsible for this visit - the staple diet of this bird.

Though, if it wants to come back to this location, it better watch out for those Cottonmouth and give them lots of space.

You just never know what you'll see when you're at the Slough - in any event, it's all good and begs for more encores.


  1. A great collection of species, France! Kingfishers can be so skittish and you got some nice closeups!

    1. Thanks! I was very fortunate that day to have this Kingfisher sit still for quite a while and not too far away from where we were - a good day indeed!