Friday, February 16, 2018

The early riser gets the bird

I've compiled some of my photos from the past week's sighting - all on Sanibel and most were early morning.....come along.....
There's has been quite a few reports of the Clapper Rail being at the Bailey Tract in a visible pond - that is if you happen to be there when it comes out....I was there way before sunrise and my camera doesn't like to wake up at that time as you can tell from the photo.

The sun did rise eventually and the birds were busy getting their nourishment - a few Storks with the White Ibis and a Great Blue Heron.

A brief stop at the Pond Apple Retention Pond to see that Giant-Wood Rail that has escaped from the Periwinkle Park from across the way....this exotic bird has drawn up quite a bit of attention.

One early morning I started with a drive through Ding Darling - just dreamy isn't it!

Then I made my way to Bowman's Beach - found a Snowy Plover with Orange/Orange, also a Sanibel Plover.

It was fun to watch these terns - some with orange bills, some with orange legs - too funny, but seriously I had never been in the presence of approx 50 Forster Terns before and it was sweet to watch them.

An adult Herring Gull sporting it's summer outfit.

Forsters in flight

And my favorite - a Bonaparte Gull

And up they go for no rhyme or reason other than to fly in unison.

And here's the Bonaparte in flight.

A Forster

and some Royals - the middle one is very bright with its jet black cap and redder bill - soon it will be courting season and I hope to be able to witness it once more as it is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

Well, this conclude this post and I'll say good night for now.

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