Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sanibel Gardens Preserve

 I love this quiet little area - I returned this morning but my trip was cut short because it was mowing day.
 I wanted to share how this particular preserve is filled with nesting boxes and how very much they are being utilitized - when it's not occupied by birds, the bees tend to move in. This morning the hive/comb was quite visible with very few bees around. I've had this experience at my house too....where the screech owl moves into the tree and when he leaves the bees set up house....then the bees leave and the owl returns.
 Nearby, in the Preserve, the Red Bellied Woodpeckers were very active - darting from trees to house - very focused with feeding the little ones.
 I came across 4 nest boxes with little ones inside - when the parents approached the box, they start to chirp in unison - rather loudly too ..... at first I thought Tree Swallows were in the area until I realize what/where the sound was coming from.
 I'd say that the Red Bellied Woodpecker species is alive and well (averaging 3 to 8 eggs) - and with all those babies being raised
 we might have to change the name of the preserve to the Red Bellied Domain.

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