Saturday, August 10, 2013

Myakka River State Park

 What a great day to be visiting this beautiful
State Park in Sarasota. The weather turned out to be just beautiful today and rain free too. 
We were hoping to see many birds, however our recent rain fall prevented the birds from feeding in their usual spot - which I used to see right off this boardwalk. One of the few feathered friend we encountered today were wild turkeys - crossing the roads and heading into the Palmettos. (See down the post for the link to my E-Bird List.)
 The Water Hyacinth were plentiful as you can see and just breathtaking.
 To me, wildflowers have a special appeal, each one being alluring.
 After taking in the beautiful vista - we ventured into the woods for a short hike.
 Since the birds were in hiding, I turned my attention to the other little creatures, such as these.
 Spiders....oh the web they weave....this one can turn you on with his pretty colors.
 Pretty colorful eyes and gentle hands.
And my precious friends, Carol and John. A day with them is very special indeed! Thanks for being YOU.

My E-Bird List for the day

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  1. You are a dear and precious friend too. Thanks for sharing the day with us.

    I love your dragonfly caption "pretty colorful eyes and gentle hands" It is a perfect description.