Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cypress Slough

The Cypress Slough was as beautiful as ever - the more the sun rose, the more the colors intensified. I especially love the clean air and how it feels good to fill up my lungs while I'm there.

I was hoping to catch a few warblers this morning and my warbler neck can testify that I have. The Black and White Warblers made multiple appearances throughout the slough.

The squirrels were everywhere too - jumping from tree to tree playing monkey.

This flew right in full view while I was standing on the deck at the Otter Pond - I never tire of seeing the Black-crowned Night Heron.

His bloody red eyes and long white plume surely does stand out.

Then a Limpkin! The only times that I've seen a Limpkin was when I visited Harn's Marsh.

A nice surprise indeed.

The Green Heron decided to come over to check out the area - Look how beautifully green he looks while basking in the sunlight.

Very precious.

The Otter Pond never disappoints - today was extra special.

The White Ibis looked striking in the dark environment.

Here is a great crew of knowledgeable birders - it was a stroke of luck to bump into them this morning and to be able to trail along. They spotted many, many warblers.....tried as I may, I coulnd't get a photo worth it's salt. Even my very first sighting of the Tuffed Titmouse - oh well, maybe there will be another opportunity to photograph this little beauty. I did get to feast my eyes on him with my bins and I am now calling The Tuffed Titmouse my birthday eve surprise.

More sightings.....A very, very good day indeed.
My E-Bird List - 33 species total while at the Slough
Then, as I drove home - I counted another 21 species - among them were a Stork and a Glossy Ibis.

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  1. Isn't amazing how the time of day and the way the sun shines can give nature such a different look.