Friday, July 11, 2014

Some surprises - always.

A quiet morning - all around - yet a few surprises.
The sun is about to rise and the colors are promising.

Not quite enough light in this corner to capture the features of those four Black-crowned Night Herons.

The White Ibis kids on the block - here's the youngest aka "juvenile"...

and the teenagers aka "immature".

all in one big happy bunch - I wonder if mom knows where her kids are.

At the other corner of the Bailey Tract - there was a gator guarding the path....

Check the smile on his face! I wonder if he's thinking "I'm gonna get you my little pretty"......ha!....I'm all eyes and ears and I'm watching you.

And why do you think the gator crossed the road....well, the water is always looking wetter on the other side, of course.


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  1. Love the photos...Hoping I will see a gator too. LOL