Thursday, October 3, 2013

Terrific Thursday

What a beautiful sight this was this morning - look how this Oriole just glows in the sunlight! I needed to witness all of these creatures this morning - to remind me that life IS good.

The White Morph of the Reddish Egret - seems like he has made a home by the pier at the Sanibel Lighthouse because he is always there when I go.

This was one of the winning prize this morning - A Swainson's Warbler. He was being secretive and it was very difficult for me to focus my lens on it, I'm just happy that it is somewhat decently clear.

I was also very fortunate for the fact that  Vince M. and Anne T were present on the trail today - going birding with people in the know is extremely helpful for me as a new birder on the field and for that I am grateful.

Here is another shot of that Swainson's Warbler - Look how well he blends in.

The Ovenbird of the day - I recall when I saw a photo that the Stokes posted in the spring about seeing an Ovenbird at Ding Darling and I remember wish that I could see that myself.....and my wish has come through because this past month alone - I've had the opportunity to set my eyes on several Ovenbird - the first being as glorious as the last one.

Eastern Kingbirds - two were visible at the top of the branches - not knowing that there were several near by as it was visible when they all flew up following the construction noise that was taking place by the lighthouse.

Western Kingbird - that was a special treat and very interesting to see it perch so close to the Eastern Kingbird.

It's funny because this morning I went to the Lighthouse, thinking to myself that I would spend only a bit of time before my exercise class - HA! So much for planning - there was so much migration action that I couldn't possibly leave - my exercise class will still be there later but migration is fleeting.
My E-Bird List - A great list for me because I've had the most species in sight ever and I've added many more life birds to my list as well.


  1. What a great day. That early morning sun gave you some super lighting for a few of the early day birds. There will be more Peregrine Falcons, but the "mesmerizing" never ends with raptors.

    1. Sweet. I look forward to see more Peregrine Falcons - should I be so lucky.

  2. What a beautiful bird the Oriole is. I am glad you had a great day at the lighthouse. You deserve it...