Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ovenbird - check!

This morning, after my turtle patrol, I had the opportunity to meet up with a couple of gals from my birding club - Dotty and Marie. Our mission - find the Ovenbirds at the Bailey Tract.
Mission accomplished.
Several sweet little Ovenbirds were spotted and heard on several occasions this morning.

This Great Crested Flycatcher gave us ample time for photography.

These Mottled Ducks were ruling the ponds this morning - traveling on the dirt path ..... waddle, waddle to get from one to the other.

How sweet is it? Eastern Kingbird traveling in groups of 12 - some stopped to take a breather.

A bit later and after hearing from Dotty that the tides were low at Ding Darling - I decided to take a drive up and see what was happening.....seems like I arrived just in time to see this Roseate after it swallowed a ....? canary?

He did clear his throat after a while, smiling with delight.

Off the Mangrove Overlook - a Horseshoe Crab was seen traveling against the current. 
Well, friends, another great day of birding - leaving me hungry for more. My E-Bird List for today at the Bailey Tract and Ding Darling Wildlife Drive


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog. What a great place for birding!! I'm a bit jealous, having spent our honeymoon 30 years ago driving and walking through Ding Darling every day for a week. We revisited for our 25th and found it had changed quite a bit!! Enjoy fall migration. I look forward to seeing what you see!

  2. Hi France, I also saw one ( Oven Bird ) at the Bailey tract Thurs.. No photo though - Also, have you seen any Bobcats at the BT? I saw one at Ding Darling yesterday - no photo once again - must be losing my touch -:) yikes - Jeff the ranger at Ding says we have lots roaming around Sanibel.

  3. A canary??? Look at that horseshoe crab. Great pics.

  4. Never saw an Ovenbird "in person" like this - thanks for sharing! Love the Rosies - I saw a few today but it was getting too dark to get a really nice shot. These close-ups are beauties.