Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Egrets, Racoons and Herons - oh my!

I've started a routine of driving through Ding Darling Wildlife Drive on Wednesdays and every time I am treated to a different show - don't you just love to be in nature? I Do!
Quite a few Snowy and Great Egrets were feeding in the crevices of the Red Mangrove roots, taking turn diving and gathering little minnows for breakfast.

A Racoon family climbed up the Cabbage Palm tree and were feasting in berries.

The mom was keeping a keen eye on coming cars -

check those out - their paws are quite adept at keeping them upright and climbing trees.

Her two little ones were curious as well as hungry.

A Yellow-crowned Night Heron found a quiet spot for some shut eye time.

Just making sure that I'm safe to be around.

Snoozing time.

The Tricolored Heron on the other hand had just finished eating and was busy pruning.

This can be a full time job to keep those feathers in tiptop condition.

Another Yellow-crowned Night Heron - this one was on the hunt and keeping his eyes open for some crabs.

 My E-Bird List for this morning


  1. I love the egrets and herons.. The racoons are a problem for me, I just chased two away from my deck and feeders. Wonderful photos!

    1. Thanks, I love being able to capture anything and everything on my camera. We used to have a lot of racoons around here too, not so much anymore - I have a feeling that the Coyote population might have been responsible to some degree.

  2. A most enjoyable post. You are lucky to live in such an interesting area.

  3. What wonderful sightings! I'd love to see a raccoon without it running away! :-) Love all your beautiful photos!

  4. How lucky for you to be able to visit this spot so often. I was there last month and found it captivating>

    1. I always say....never a boring moment when I am out in nature and Bailey Tract never disappoint.