Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Green Cay trip with the Caloosa Bird Club - Part One

I had been patiently waiting for this bus trip - a yearly event that takes place with the Caloosa Bird Club. 
Come on, let's go! .... I can't wait to show you what we saw.....but first you might want to settle down with a beverage so that you can enjoy the virtual journey.
We were up by 4am and made it to the bus for the 6am departure. First stop was in Clewiston - McDonalds - for breakfast/potty break. We were then told that the bus was experiencing technical  difficulties and that it might be a while.....what is a birder to do other than bird! This little delay provided us with a....

Bronzed Cowbird - a nice sighting and a lifer bird for many of the members, myself included.
 So, the next time you spot a black bird in a tree, you might want to investigate a just never know what you will find.

Our bus and our stuff...waiting to be transferred to another bus so that we can resume our plans.

Upon arriving to Green Cay - we made a dash for the little time and so much to see..look: "Purple Martins".

A White-winged Dove....interestingly this is the same specie that greeted us last year when we arrived....maybe he's the official Maitre D.
 The thing about this place is that the birds are quite comfortable in the presence of humans and we are blessed with very close views.
A Tricolored Heron in its breeding plumage.

The Common Gallinule with their 'candycorn' bill are a beautiful sight up close.
Friends of different feathers flock together...a Common Gallinule, A Green Heron and a Florida Red Belly Turtle.

An American Coot is busy eating seeds, leaves and roots.

A Pied-billed Grebe - how lovely.

 There are not too many places where a Pied-billed Grebe feels comfortable so close to humans.

It is spring and purple seems to be in style....a Purple Gallinule here...

A Boat-tailed Grackle there... with its iridescent hues, quite stunning!

Purple Gallinule - ducklike - usually seen walking over lily pads or some other types of marsh vegetation....

sometimes over some sticks - though a bit gangly with those large toes.
A lady Anhinga sporting her strapless black dress - resting in a Bald Cypress Tree.

You can tell that it is spring time by the increased colors on the Palm Warblers - notice the rusty cap and brighter yellow.

Two of my greatest supporters - Elaine and my husband Tony.

 Our group mascot - the Green Heron - one of many that we have seen today.

 A pair of American Coot - notice their toes -
 they are lobed and used to skitters over surface to become airborne like a diving duck. 

A Purple Swamphen - resembles a huge Purple Gallinule. Found from S.Europe to island groups in tropical South Pacific. Introduced into south Florida (interior to east) and has spread. Truth be known, it is a really nice sighting. 

I know, this is a common bird in South Florida but I never tire of seeing it. An adult White Ibis with baby blue eyes.
 Elaine and I, found ourselves in a shady portion of the boardwalk, while we observed a Prairie Warbler we started to hear a commotion...
 The White-eyed Vireo were vocally upset and were flying violently around this Ficus Tree.

We soon found out the reason why this was taking place ...
A Corn Snake was climbing the tree probably in the vicinity of their nest - luckily the snake retreated and all was well.
In the commotion we were blessed with good sightings of a Northern Perula in bright spring colors....

as well as a Palm Warbler.
 Once the commotion died down and all returned to normal - we found ourselves heading back to the bus for our next leg of the birding journey. We took a few minutes to admire this Limpkin as he landed by our feet to clean up and then head out for his lunch....

Escargots anyone?
Stay tuned for Part Two of this birding extravaganza.
My E-Bird (Clewiston) List and my E-Bird  (Green Cay) List.


  1. Very nice photos. Look at the red eye the Bronzed Cowbird. Looks like you all had a great day for birding.