Friday, May 29, 2015

Beach Patrol

The sun is rising - the day is filled with promises of surprises - what is not to like!! Let's go and take a walk along the Sanibel beaches and check on the Snowy Plover families.
Right away I spot mama with her two kids within the boundary enclosure - all safe and warm. Notice how many set of legs mama has...

aha! The chicks are ready to face the day.

And off they go foraging....

Look at my big I am!

Well, maybe they'd like to think so but in actuality they are quite small, not much bigger than a marshmallow on toothpicks.

The two siblings - comparing experiences....

staying close until....

it's time to go....look at that bug!!....oh....

wait for me!
In the meantime, another family grabs my attention - this chick here is much older than the other two we just saw....he will soon have his own wings but for the time being still depends on its parent .... there is so much to learn. 
and, beside, staying under mama's belly feels so good.

Mama is all puffed up making room for this little fellow, which is not so little anymore. feels so good, I'm not sure I want to leave yet.

But curiosity, energy and hunger wins out...and off he goes to join his little sibling

mama is keeping a close eye on them - alerting them to danger when necessary.

 Mama and one of her chick - such precious bunch.
It is time for me to let them be and head back....but not before spending some time admiring the...
Dark morph of the Reddish Egret which just landed near the shore.

The surf was up with some wave actions which prevented the Reddish Egret from doing its famous dance and instead resorted to just stab and eat the fish whenever possible.

Some Ruddy Turnstone passed by me - feeling quite at ease.

After a bit of walking, I arrived to my starting point - 3 Willets wished me a wonderful weekend. Will do!

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  1. Hi France!

    Up here at Siesta Beach, we are eagerly awaiting our FOY Snowy Plover chicks. We have several known
    nests within the roped-off boundaries. First hatch is expected within six days. Your photos always amaze
    me--you must be very patient! We also have a very raucous Least Tern colony with about 20 nests, and the Skimmers are nesting nearby on Lido Key. My husband, Ken, and I walk the beach daily and pick up
    trash, doing what we can to give the babies a healthy start! I love this time of year! Have a great weekend--