Sunday, May 24, 2015

Snowy Plover season

The Snowy Plover are doing ok this season - more nests have been successful than perished. One little family now has 27 days old chicks and a new family has a couple 2 days old chicks.
When the heat rises - a bit of shade can do a lot of good.

The new chick on the block - 2 days old.

The female is keeping a close watch on her brood.

So much to see and so much energy.

They are quite agile on their feet and fast too.

The older chicks from another family.

In the meantime the families were crossing boundaries and that didn't fly very far - they fought to regain territory.

The little ones are watching - they too will have to employ this technique when they get older.

These chicks are definitely high on my 'cute' list.

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