Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A revisit to Rotary Park

The high gusty winds are staying in our area which makes it conducive for the birds to stay a bit longer before continuing their migration journey - another visit to the Rotary Park sounded like a good plan - we were not disappointed.
I felt very lucky to be able to observe a Gray-cheeked Thrush - this is certainly not a daily occurrence by any means.

And another lucky strike - a House Wren right out in the open - giving us ample ooh-aah opportunities.

Except for the hummingbird - this may very well be the next smallest bird there is - A Northern Parula.

A dwarf Poinciana in bloom.

Of course a visit to the Butterfly garden is always in order when you visit the Rotary Park. Lucky for us, we witnessed a Giant Swallowtail laying her eggs...

look closely and you'll see her eggs on some of the leaves.

This Coontie plant is home to the Atala's larva.

The Atala Butterfly.

I'd venture to say that this was a beautiful day in every way - I am blessed.

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