Thursday, January 21, 2016

Harn's Marsh in January

We (Elaine and I) had not been to Harns Marsh this year and we thought it would be great to get our list up to speed with species we haven't seen since the new calendar year began. We were blessed with a sunny day - let's go.....
A nice reflection view of the Glossy Ibis.

Savannah Sparrows popped up and graced us with a few minutes and stayed put.

Sandhill Cranes were present - we saw 5 of them on the main path.....and sang for us too - in a sandhill crane kind of way.

Ed caught up with us just about the time when we spotted the Gray-headed Swamphen (or is it gray-faced?) It was in the far away grasses and quite busy eating - never up enough for a decent photo but just in case you're wondering what they look like - here's a photo that I took back in November at Wakodahatchee.

Okay, back to Harn's Marsh - with more views of the Sandhill Cranes...

and some Ring-necked Ducks

What a face, hey?

Another Savannah Sparrow - this one a tad bit more colorful.

The Vultures are quite numerous at this location - most of the time they can be seen perched in the trees - this Black Vulture decided to dry up its feathers on the ground near the walking path.

And a Green Heron - always a nice addition to a bird list before the day is over. My E-Bird List for today with 57 species - a pretty good day!

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