Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Viera Wetlands & Click Ponds

Our last day along this coast - there is much in the plans for today and plenty to see - after layering up we headed off. While waiting for the light to change we watched with glee a Caracara eat his breakfast.
Picture was taken in an idling car and from the back center seat where my view was extremely limited.

We arrived at our first destination and were greeted by a pair of Great Blue Heron, from the look of it - they are sporting their bright and beautiful breeding plumage.

I was happy to see a Savannah Sparrow - I like these guys and I don't get to see them very often.

A Wilson Snipe was tucked in and staying warm.

Some of the roads that we didn't get to see - as I said  I would need a week of Sundays to cover it all.

Sandhill Cranes - a few were seen and many more were heard.

A common and beautiful Great Egret.

Several Horned Grebes were swimming about.

A Downy Woodpecker.

One Tree Swallow was seen resting on a reed while his hundred friends were flying around.

A Red-shouldered Hawk - this guy was a lot more 'red' than what I usually see.

One of many Green Herons.

What a great trip this was. Many of the group members mentioned how quieter it was 'birdwise' this time around but for me, being my first time, I was quite pleased with the entire experience and I look forward to the near future to re-visit this location.

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