Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Black-necked Stilts are back!

I love this time of the year for several reasons - other than the weather being just right, we are also blessed with migrants going through and our summer birds arriving. Last week I sighted my first Swallow-tailed Kite of the season and this week I had a pair of Black-necked Stilts at the Bailey Tract - sweet....very very sweet. I introduce you the pair....
I heard their loud call (kik kik kik) before I saw them.....look how tall and slender they are....

and the Bubble Gum pink legs is unlike any other.

I was glad to have them side by side and to be able to demonstrate the difference between the male (right) and the female (left) - notice the color of the with most birds the male is most striking.

At this time last year we had a remarkable amount of water in all the ponds due to the heavy rain and as such the Black-necked Stilts did not stay around the Bailey Tract. This year has been more normal and the water levels are just right for them - hopefully they will establish their family so that we can admire them as they grow before they fledge south.
Welcome back little fellows!

Stay tuned as this is far from being the end of their story.

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