Monday, September 30, 2013

More Migrants

Another great day at the Lighthouse - it was amazing to look at the sky and to see so many little birds flying overhead - one even ventured to say that they had seen close to 2,000 warblers migrating. This particular warbler is called a Chestnut-sided Warbler, without the chestnut part since he is sporting his fall plumage.

One of two Baltimore Oriole that we saw today.

A beautiful Yellow-throated Warbler, just gorgeous!

A Red-eyed Vireo.

How about this! An egret eating a dragonfly, it was fun watching it as he tried to figure out how to get it down with the wings sticking out - he managed just fine.

A box turtle minding its own business.
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  1. It appears you had a very rewarding time, France. The stormy weather predicted on Thursday may offer a spectacular day at the Lighthouse on Friday. Perhaps the best opportunity for the best birding at the Lighthouse this Fall. As a side note, I visited A. D. Barnes Park in Miami for the first time this past week, and strongly encourage all to visit the park when possible (ideally during migration periods).

    1. Lets hope that the weather pattern holds up to its prediction, Friday would be a very good day indeed.

    2. Bob, Today - Thursday - turned out to be an excellent day for migrants! Tomorrow I believe might be as good too :D