Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blue-winged Teal at the Bailey Tract

A beautiful sunny day and I can hear the Bailey Tract calling my name - so, off I go.
The Blue-winged Teal....male and female.

Great Egret - majestic in every way.

Little Blue Heron - a lot of them were around today.

Snowy Egret - doing a graceful dance with its yellow slippers.

A juvenile Little Blue Heron came to watch the dance.

The adult Little Blue Heron came even closer.

The Gator almost looked magical with the stars shining.
My E-bird list for today 
29 species today

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  1. Wonderful series, The egrets are beautiful and the Little Blue is one of my favorites. Cool reflection shots of the Teal! Another great outing, happy birding!