Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bunche Beach with the San-Cap Audubon group

What a beautiful day this turned out to be - the mild temperature, the brilliant sun and the clear blue sky - makes for a perfect Florida day. A nice group (20 or so) gathered up and then ventured out onto the flats to observed many species.
The highlight of the day was a Bonaparte's Gull
I wondered if this gull ever sits still because every time that I watched it, it was on the go with a fast pace.

Several Wilson Plovers were seen - this one got caught with his mouth full.

and so was this little guy

A nice looking bunch of fine folks if you ask me.

A Snowy Egret in the beginning state of breeding colors/plumage and a Least Sandpiper in the background.

A White Ibis in breeding colors - look how bright that is.

Trying to show off his hair-do, but no one paid attention

oh well, nothing tried, nothing gained.

Some go the extra depth to capture our feathered friends

A Little Blue in breeding

One breeding, one not

Green Heron - blending in

A flock of Snowy Egrets

"Farewell" said the Red-winged Blackbird, "Come back soon, I'll tell you more." Here is my e-bird list for today

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