Sunday, April 27, 2014

Winding down

These past couple of weeks have been so exciting and filled with beautiful migrants, that it's hard to get used to the idea that this will end soon and normalcy - as I know it - will resume. I looked in all the 'hot spots' this morning and found the few that have been hanging around lately - as you'll see, and also a mystery bird which turned the morning into a learning opportunity.
The Blackpolls have been 'regulars' by the "Picnic Tables" area, as well as a Tennessee and a Northern Parula.

The Grey Kingbirds and Western Kingbirds were again spotted near the Lighthouse area.

And then, my funny guy. I heard the "caw", so figured that it was a crow but the yellowish throat was puzzling - being new on the birding field, I assumed that it was a juvenile and I made a mental note to check it out when I got home.

A bit later I bumped into Lillian and Don Stokes - so I asked them about the 'juvenile' and showed them my photos.

I saw/heard Lillian and Don in action as they discussed and pointed out the different key points while trying to determine what the bird was - the bill being deformed and the yellow being determined as being pollen. As I put my photos on my computer, I also saw that he has a deformed foot and lots of hair on his legs. The feathers are not being well taken care of because of the condition of the bill - however, it is amazing how this crow with all its limitation is able to carry on. We searched the area to spot the bird and sure enough we found it - and it was hanging around with the other crows. I learned a lot today and felt very lucky to have bumped into Lillian and Don and grateful that they had the time to share their knowledge and expertise.I

One single Indigo Bunting was spotted by the Picnic Tables too.

A Pileated Woodpecker enjoying the ripe berries by the Lighthouse.

A pair of Crows and their behaviors were being observed, Lillian and Don pointed out that they were a pair because of the way they were sharing food back and forth....not a typical crow behavior.

Well, it might have been quiet but the experience and knowledge that I gathered this morning was truly priceless - thank you Lillian and Don for sharing your time with me. My E-Bird List for today


  1. Your story about the pollen-laden crow is so funny, I laughed out loud. I imagine when you looked at the pictures at home, you said, "Of course!" Thanks for your Blackpoll photos. I have never seen one. Dotty

  2. You are welcome, it was fun solving the crow mystery with you!
    Lillian and Don