Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bailey, Bowman and Gulf Pines too.

What a fun day this turned out to be! It all started with a short stop at the Bailey Tract to catch sight of a Swamp Sparrow within the preserve - sweet, let's go!
A Red-Shouldered Hawk was keeping a close eye on its surrounding.

The House Wren is always heard before it is seen.

What a nice find - a White-Eyed Vireo right out in the open.

A new friendship perhaps....a Red Cardinal and a Common Ground Dove.

A female Common Yellow Throat.

A Tricolored Heron by the blooming Goldenrod. At last I did get to see the Swamp Sparrow however I have no photo to show, maybe better luck next time.

Further up the island, I went to the Gulf Pines subdivision where a reported pair of Eagles have been seen sitting on their nest.

Some of the story behind the platform is that in year's past, the Eagles had set up their nest in an Australian Pine which was rapidly declining - some dedicated folks erected a post/platform next to it and it is being used successfully.

Next was Bowman's Beach - where I sat with my friend Connie for a much needed catch up chat - of course opportunities came up for some bird snap shots.

This is a common sighting within the Royal Tern family - where the juvenile will persist in begging for food and attention.

Some Willets and Short-billed Dowitchers were strolling the beach too. This scene made me think of my sandpiper friend leaving this earthly place, may you rest in peace were one of a kind and will be truly missed.

A Ruddy Turnstone was very cozy in a small depression within the sandy beach.

Later on, I made another visit to the Bailey Tract - hoping to catch sight of a Bittern that was reported earlier today - this one eluded me. In the meantime, I caught sight of 3 female Blue-winged Teal - first time back this fall.

In another pond, the Mottled Ducks were spotted.

Ummm, I thought I had taken the photo of a House Wren, now I'm not so sure.

Along the Airplane Canal - a Gulf Fritillary.

Even here in Florida, we are blessed with beautiful fall colors.

A Little Blue Heron.

A very attentive Great Egret.

Last but not least, a bright male Common Yellow Throat among the sea of sticks. There has been many challenges of late to capture these little feather friends as they swiftly fly in between branches while feeding in a frenzy.....I don't give up easily and will continue to try, I will be returning for more.


  1. You saw a great variety of birds and once again your photos are fantastic. The fall colors with the Little Blue Heron are just beautiful. We are so looking forward to being there soon!

  2. You do know the red cardinals bring good luck...I think Eagles are a beautiful bird and of coarse I am particle to little blue. Look at the beak on the Egret.

  3. wooeeee... that was a bizeee day! lots of great captures too ....I can never get over the colour of cardinals.... wish I could see on in real life...