Thursday, January 22, 2015

Roving the Bailey Tract

It's January in S.W. Florida, it is mild and sunny - visitors are happy and are enjoying the scenery.....this makes for great connections.
The trails by mid afternoon on the other hand seems to be a bit quiet but when we pay attention, it's amazing what can be discovered.
This Phoebe stayed on that branch while watching people zooming by on their bicycles.

Along the Sanibel River I noticed some activities within the trees - out of prying eyes a Yellow-rumped Warbler was preening until he realized he had company - he looked at me as if saying: "Can I help you with something?"

And lucky for me, I was able to watch a Black-and-white Warbler sitting still for a few seconds....

what a delicious treat this was! Black-and-White are notorious for being in constant motion, moving along the bark and consuming insects as if there would be none tomorrow.

This is a male - he is heavily streaked and sports  dark cheeks and throat.

Minding his own business by the South Dike was the regular Great White Egret.

An American Bird Grasshopper aka American Locust.

I stayed and watched it for a while, not quite sure what it was doing - however at the end of its tail seem to be several pinchers that moved at clearing the ground - it reminded me of an alien in form.

It stayed in the middle of the path and avoided any and all collisions with bicycles as they went by - until he had enough excitement and flew into the bushes.

Here's an interesting event taking place on a Thistle - this plant not only serves as a landing pad for butterflies doing their duties but also seems to be a temporary home for the Leaffooted Plant Bug (stinkbug family) and a seven spotted lady bug larva - I think.

A Slider - basking...its main activity, really.

This log looks good enough for two - I'm still researching the name of that second turtle - any help would be appreciated.

A Stickbug - in its lifetime - it stands erect just like a stick, moving ever so much so that it easily eludes the passerby, unfortunately for this guy - the passerby didn't miss.

It's time to wrap it up - and what better ending than a Tiger Moth landing nearby!


  1. Nice photos. I love the great white egret nice color. Amazing how you were able to get some nice shots of the grasshopper.

  2. All creatures are worth spending time with....big and small.

  3. Love all the photos and stories! I think the red and black insects are the larvae of the leaf footed bugs. It is a nice shot to see all different stages together.