Monday, January 19, 2015

Across Lehigh Acres

Today I opted to join my friend Elaine in order to explore some more areas in Lehigh Acres. Our plan was to revisit Harns Marsh first, however with the heavy fog and 50 degree temps we decided to check 12th St - as per recommendation of Bob Pelky - a fellow birder/photographer/blogger. With big hopes to find Bobwhites and Red-headed Woodpecker - we proceeded forward....

Right off we spotted several White-winged Doves and then saw a
female Belted Kingfisher. The rest of the area was pretty quiet even though it seems to be perfect habitat for many species. (note to self: go back) My E-Bird List.

We moved on a bit and visited another area with the same hopes - this particular spot provided us with different surprises....such as Florida Scrub Jays - sweet!

The elected Sentinel pretty much kept an eye on things while the others flew in different bushes.

Elaine and I talked of a fantasy of having a Scrub Jay eating out of her hand in front of her car on Elaine Ave - I'm sure it could have been a possibility however we stay out of the feeding business.

Robins! Many of them being seen and heard.

And here we found 4 Brown-headed Cowbirds, not a usual sighting and we had to consult our bird books to make sure what we were looking at.

They were very patient with us as we looked, photographed and discussed them.

At last we accepted that we weren't going to be seeing any Bobwhites and proceeded to our next spot. My E-Bird List.

This area is West of Harn's Marsh - we spotted a Limpkin.

A beautiful and crisp blue sky.

Along the West Trail I saw a tiny "Dainty Sulphur" - interesting how it appeared yellow with the naked eye, with the binoculars and with the camera - the hues are more toward the green side.

even the eyes are green, pretty fascinating. Okay, well, we're off to Harn's Marsh now and before we go I jotted my E-Bird List.

We arrived at Harn's Marsh and chatted with Ron Bishop - it appears the Marsh is a bit quieter this morning than it was on Saturday. I wonder if the chilly weather and higher winds than usual are having an effect on the birds - in any event, it warmed up nicely and we enjoyed watching the scenery - such as those Ring-necked Ducks (male & female).

Several Great Southern White were working hard at not getting blown with the wind while feeding.

A Cattle Egret.

As we were heading out toward the gate, a pair of Sandhill Cranes landed nearby.

We watched them and enjoyed seeing them

as they walked and ate. They took off when someone got too close.

Till, the next time....I had a great time and I am grateful to be able to go and see them. My E-Bird List for Harns Marsh.


  1. Sorry you missed the Northern Bobwhite, but it appears you had an enjoyable and rewarding morning nonetheless. Be sure to return to the areas east of Harns Marsh again when you are able. There are always unexpected surprises.

    1. Thanks Bob, I will return. Sometimes I wish there was more hours in the morning. I always look forward to what the day brings - every venue brings, as you say, unexpected surprises.

  2. I do like seeing the Limpkin. I do like seeing the Sandhill Crane. I do like the red on their heads.