Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pond Apple & Shipley Trail

A visit to the Pond Apple and the Shipley Trail provided me with some beautiful sightings this morning.

An hour after sunrise and the little spit of land between the reclaimed water ponds is filling up slowly....

This location seems to be a good choice and the Wood Storks are enjoying the space.

Down the trail, the Bald Eagle is using this Australian Pine as a great viewing platform. This is the tree behind the Dairy Queen that was used in the past for raising the Eagle's family.

As I return, a Kestrel caught my attention...

I would say that he's trying to conserve his heat by fluffing up his feathers....I would do the same if I had feathers.

Back to the reclaimed water ponds and the population has doubled.

An Eastern Phoebe - I always enjoy spotting one of these, don't you?

Along the edges, Egrets & Herons are busy catching their breakfast.

Another favorite perch for the Bald Eagle - along the edges of the Dunes.

As I turn the corner to head back to the path - a Red-shouldered Hawk is perched.

I can't believe my good fortune to be in his presence and the fact that he feels comfortable staying put.

It almost looks like he's part of the a finial.

A finial that has an acute sense of being present.

Can you see his "heart" in the middle of his chest?

I bypassed without disturbing him - I am pleased.

The Anhinga on the other hand seems ready to get back to feed....gator or not.

Meanwhile the Double-crested Cormorant had his fill and his bath.....

It is time to seize the day!

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