Thursday, May 14, 2015

A visit to Bailey's Tract

I've made it a ritual to watch what has been reported in my area on e-bird and I found it odd that a Black Skimmer had been reported at the Bailey Tract, certainly this must be in error....well, never say, they say.
And there they were - two of them made my mouth drop in shocking amusement, who would have thought!

The beauty of having them so close provided sound as well as great visual - I could hear the quiet swish of their bill skimming the water and their bill snap when they snatched some food.

After spending enjoyable moments with them, I proceeded further - it was just me and the trail this morning - ahhhh.

Even this male Anhinga was found snoozing....until he sensed my presence.....sorry about that fella.

Looking into the sun - the familiar birds gives a different aura with this kind of lighting.

I was so busy looking at the water, into the trees and skimming the sky that I almost stepped on this snake - spooking the both of us.

He retreated the same time I did.

Around the corner a Tricolored Heron was fetching his breakfast.

The White Peacock butterflies were numerous this morning.

A gator skull was visible in one of the ponds - due to the water drying up, no doubt.

On my way back - I was amused by these Mottled Ducks...the first one being oblivious to the two behind him.

A Great Egret - perhaps rehearsing for a part as a Swan.

So long, Black-necked Stilts....

I shall return very soon.

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