Monday, June 22, 2015

Trail time

I can't believe that it's been a week since I last posted a blog and also since I took the trail for birding! Where does the time go?!
It's summer time and I've been really busy with the Sea Turtle Patrol but today I made a point of walking the Bailey Tract - I was due for trail time.
The Green Herons greeted me back - several of them could be seen and heard.

A sleepy female Anhinga was slowly waking up and preening for the day.

A lonely Ground Dove lead the way on the Middle Dike.

Dragonflies are pretty numerous this time of the year.

If I recall correctly - this is the arabesque position.

A White Peacock Butterfly.

A quick side step to the Sanibel Garden Preserve - where a pair of Common Gallinule were spotted.

A beautiful Male Anhinga.

A Red-bellied Woodpecker tending to his home site.

A Red Cardinal singing away.

One of several Red-Shouldered Hawk - keeping their eyes sharply peeled for breakfast opportunities.

Back to the Bailey Tract - I spot a family of Mottled Ducks! Where have I been - to be missing these ducklings while they were growing up? Looks like there are 6 left from the brood.

There behavior was odd - I watched them as they stayed closed together without uttering a peep, slowly making their way into the water.

From a different direction I heard quacking and as if on cue - these guys responded -

And there she landed....

 All's well now. The end. My E-Bird List for today
at the Bailey Tract and my E-Bird List for the Sanibel Garden Preserve.

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  1. Hi France!

    I missed you! How is the turtle nesting going down there? We had an unusual false crawl on Siesta--she hit the dune and couldn't climb it (only about 12 inches high), so she turned and went parallel to to waterline, even going right between two markers on an older nest! By the way, (I'll be picky!) if your
    lady anhinga is trimming the bushes, she is pruning. If she's straightening her feathers, she is preening!
    Thanks, as always, for the lovely photos. Don't you admire how the cardinals get even redder this time of
    Bird On-