Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Brown Widow along the Sanibel Shore - Oh My!

You might be wondering if I'm turning a new leaf since I'm starting my blog with spiders these days, well, fear not....I would venture to say that this is a very temporary distraction until the birds return to our area.
Well, take a good look at this!
I wasn't sure what kind of spider this was - I searched and googled but came up empty handed, what's a girl to do?? So, FB came to my rescue - specifically Energetic Ding Darling Ranger, Becky Larkins. Becky, who is temporarily in Alaska, graciously took time to name this lovely spider (lovely!!...that is if you like spiders). I present to you a "Brown Widow Spider".

This spider is not native to the U.S. and for decades only lived in peninsular Florida - it has since spread and can be found from Texas to S.Carolina, urban Los Angeles & San Diego...yikes, that's a lot of territory. I'm not crazy about spiders - I'd much prefer to stick with sea turtles and birds....talking about birds.....

A dark morph of the Reddish Egret was leisurely preening while watching the fishermen on the pier by the Lighthouse.

Not too far away, a younger version was spotted...

being curious and watching a Snowy.

Just a teenager - fully grown yet so young.

Well, folks, a bit quiet along the sea shore - but peaceful and lovely as ever. Go Outdoors .... life is short. By E-Bird List today.

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