Friday, November 27, 2015

Bailey's Bobcat

As I get older or should I say wiser, I've realized that I can plan my days/weeks/months way ahead of time but the end results are totally out of my hands.....I'm okay with that because often times the alternatives that surface are usually icing on the cake.
In my simple planning today - my goal was to see birds and open myself up for any surprises that may come my way....perhaps a rare sighting would be good. So, come along and see how my morning went....
The moon is full and the day is just about to begin - that in itself is exciting.

A flock of American Robins landed right behind me....

for me it is always exciting to see them especially since it doesn't happen very often.

A half hour into my walk I spotted a Bobcat leading the way - once in a while he would turn to see if I was still following.

He was focused on the Marsh Rabbits - following them in his 'cat' demeanor and jumping into bushes in his attempt to snag this instance the Hare persevered and won.

Behind me a mother with a cranky baby in a stroller caught the cat's attention....

one more look and off he went ....

at a quicker pace.

In the meantime, a flock of White Pelicans were spotted seemingly floating in the air.

On my way out of the Bailey Tract - a small gator was seen watching people....

I bid him farewell with glee in my step. This day surely brought a different spin - and oh, what fun! My E-bird List for today. 

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