Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Franklin's Gull

A Franklin's Gull made an appearance at Bonita Beach last year and this week, my first and second attempt to find it was unsuccessful but the third time was a charm - and interestingly enough we saw three of them this morning, what a sight!
The Franklin's Gull is uncommon on beaches and it's quite a treat to find it, it is common on Great Plains - it winters on west coast of South America. It is very rare in winter in southern CA and Gulf Coast. So, with much further ado....I present you the Franklin's Gull.
Very similar to the Laughing Gull but smaller in size, in bill, in legs and shorter wings.

Being along the coast we were surrounded by the Black Skimmers and Sanderlings.

Here's Franklin next to a Royal Tern.

More flights - taking off and/or landing -

The Franklin did some of that too.

First year birds have clean white underwing with limited black tips on primaries and very neat and contrasting partial hood.

A Franklin with a Laughing Gull - here the size difference is obvious.

While it stretched its wing the all-white outer tail feathers were obvious.

Pretty amazing, hey? My E-Bird List for this morning.


  1. Superb shots of this rare species, France! Wonderful documentation.

  2. Thanks! I love it when I am expose to a specie that is not too familiar to me and especially when I can compare it visually with another - the differences then really jumps out. Birding provides so much learning opportunities and I can't wait for my next lesson.