Saturday, March 26, 2016

Beach & Bird

This is the week before Easter and traditionally it is one of the busiest time for tourism in and around the island - making traffic unbearable at times and as such I spend more time closer to home and enjoy observing the local shorebirds.
And it also happens to be the beginning of Snowy Plover season.

And the Royal Terns are putting on their bright bill and darker crest.

A female Snowy Plover taking a break.

This is what I mean by the height of tourism - birds and humans co-existing.

The Bald Eagle found a shady spot along the beach too.

The Willets were blending quite well, I almost missed them.

One of the new enclosure for the Snowy Plover nesting - a Fish Crow having a good laugh as he says: "boundaries does not apply to me".
Then a visit to Bunche Beach with the hopes of locating the Curlew and the Whimbrel but no luck this time, the usual suspects were present - the White Morph of the Reddish Egret with the transmitter was present as well as 6 Dark Morph.

Black Skimmers and a young Great Blue Heron with Fort Myers Beach in the background.

Usual sighting on Bunche - Black Skimmers and Royal Terns.

This one has bands - I could only make out "88".

Sanderlings by the 100s today - most likely getting ready to make their northern journey back.

Well, folks, it's almost migration time - stay may get exciting.

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