Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Another great day in S.W. Florida

A drive into town with my friend Elaine today was very rewarding. We started with our volunteer work for the Lee Co Bird Patrol and did some data collection at Lakes Park, come and visit......
We found a young Common Gallinule by itself - first heard by its cry before we saw it....

we did see a family nearby - perhaps they will not stay separated for long.

We also saw several Blue Gray Gnatcatchers - it surprised me because I thought they had all migrated by now but a few still remain.

After a bit we drove to Six Miles Cypress Slough - my first encounter was this Woodpecker. At first I thought it was a Hairy but after studying my photos, I can see small black dots on its outer tail feathers - leading me to its proper identity....

a Downy Woodpecker - female.

A serenade from the Carolina Wren is always welcomed and most treasured when seen.

How about this Red-bellied Woodpecker! What a perfect perch to match its plumage.

On our way out of the slough, we walked the edge of the property while looking and listening to all the young ones wanting to be fed - here a family of Great Egret with the young ones still quite fuzzy with their down feathers.

This Buttonbush was a welcome sight, one of my favorites.

A male Pileated Woodpecker was busy eating his fill on a log covered by a Resurrection Fern - this fern goes dormant and dry looking until fresh rainfall where it miraculously comes back to lush life.

A Mud Turtle

By the parking lot we strolled through the butterfly garden admiring these Passion Flower vines.

On our way home - via route 82 - we looked for a pond which we found populated by cows.

I felt outnumbered and looked at.

And here we found our bird - a Solitary Sandpiper....which was with another....

so much for being "solitary".

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