Monday, April 18, 2016

Bits and pieces

Sea Turtle Season is once again upon us and I've been busy with meetings and getting things ready - something that I love to do and I've had to rearrange my schedule and my birding time has changed some. Don't get me wrong, I can't stay away from birding but I also can't be spending as much time as I am accustomed to. In as much - I've gathered up the little bits of pieces of this past week - so come along and see what came down my neck of the woods.....
A visit along the Indigo Trail at Ding Darling brought me to observe this Yellow-crowned Night Heron which has been trying to nest - the first nest was destroyed by an Anhinga and now the YCNH is rebuilding.

The Green Herons were plentiful - check the breeding colors on these legs!
One Green Heron nest being tended to. 
This weekend I found myself around Island Inn Rd area in Sanibel - a Red-shouldered Hawk was really glowing in the early morning light.

A Marsh Rabbit - did you know that rabbit can swim! Marsh Rabbit are especially good at it.

It also blends very well in this particular spot.

A young family of Killdeer was really sweet to discover - I wish I could spend more time with them but they were quite distraught for the short few minutes that I was there.

I knew too that all that raucous would alert some predators - so I quickly retreated.

and so did one of the little ones....

"now you see me.....

now you don't."

A Swallow-tailed Kite was seen gathering some nesting material.

And who do you think is deep within this cavity?

If you guessed Common Grackle, then you were right on.

More Swallow-tailed Kites seen in that area.

A beautiful Cape May Warbler in the tree top - talk about eye candy!

A Gopher Tortoise was checking things out by the Lighthouse.

Check the dewlap on this Anole!

A Native Green Anole - we don't see those very often.

An Eastern Kingbird by the Lighthouse - check the white band at the end of the tail, always a good clue for i.d.
Along the Shell Mound Trail - a young White Ibis is holding down the fort - king of the sticks.

A pair of Screech Owl was well hidden from prying eyes, can you find them? I hope you are getting out there and finding some treasures of your own - life is short - go outside!

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