Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Birding in hot sizzling July

It has been unseasonably hot this year and beginning the day with the first light is in order, beside - what's not to love to be able to witness the sun rise as a new day begins!
Today's adventure takes place at the southern part of Fort Myers Beach aka CWA, so come along...
The Black Skimmers can be found there in great numbers as they use this area for their nesting ground.

Interestingly enough there is a pair of Black Scoters that did not leave with their peers during migration - so, it's a nice bonus for us.

One of many Wilson Plovers spotted along the beach - adults and young ones are seen strolling the beach now.

A nice addition to our list was to see 18 Roseate Spoonbills - these seemed to be in a yoga balancing act.

One of the three Reddish Egrets seen feeding.

Several Marsh Rabbits were along the edges of the beach vegetation munching away while keeping a keen eye on their surroundings.

A Young Great Blue Heron - check the plumage and the legs.

Elaine was sharing a moment with GBHE

Nice little group of Ruddy Turnstone, Snowy Plover and Sanderling.

The Least Terns are still nesting.

A young version,

an adult.

A Wilson Plover - check the black nails on those pink toes.

A single Oystercatcher - it might have been the only one but its striking look steals the show.

A Snowy Plover

A gorgeous Black Skimmer preening

I'd say it cleans up pretty good! 
 I hope you get a chance to visit this quiet pristine spot and spend some time with those beautiful creatures.

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