Monday, November 21, 2016

Estero Preserve

Where does the time go?? I meant to blog about my bird outing at the Estero Preserve and somehow it got lost in the shuffle, well....there is not better time than now, so come along....
as it is customary for me - I arrived before the sunrise and I was granted golden views of this American Bittern along the 'little pond' aka Wigeon Pond - however the pond was almost devoid of ducks except for a handful of Blue-winged Teal and one....

Green -winged Teal, now that's a beautiful duck!

A Blue-winged Teal showing its blue feathers.

More views of the American Bittern.

While searching for rails and sparrows, we found White Pelicans flying overhead and....

a handful of American Wigeons.

We (Elaine and I) found a pond that we had never seen before and in it were a few Wood Storks,

several Killdeers,

American Avocets and Greater Yellowlegs.

I never get tired of watching Avocets - I could easily spend an entire day with them.

Estero Preserve can be challenging with mud, water and lack of marked trails.

However, it is well worth the effort as the time spent there is truly priceless.

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