Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bald Eagle day

I started my day at the Estero Preserve and finished at A&W Bulb in Ft.Myers - it seemed from the get go that this was going to be a Bald Eagle kind of day - see for yourself.....
The signs were already there - a sunrise with a Bald Eagle in sight.

Since this was such a windy day it seemed that the birds were hunkered down somewhere else and as such I didn't get to photograph any other species - but a day with a Bald Eagle is a good day in my I go to my next spot.

This was my first time visiting A&W Bulb in Ft.Myers where a family of Bald Eagle has been reported and watched for months. When I arrived there one of the parent was landing with some fresh fish....

at first the chicks just watched....

then the meal was shared.

One of the chick decided to stretch its wings for a bit - I thought for sure he would take off with that 30+mph wind....but it wasn't meant to be just yet.

After I left I saw reports of the youngster floating up in the air for a's just a matter of time before they both leave the nest.

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