Monday, March 26, 2018

Kestrel, Red Knots and Osprey.

It had been some time since I had the opportunity to be on the beach and check some of my local shorebirds, today the weather was just perfect so I headed down the street.....come along with me....
How very odd and quite a nice surprise to find a male American Kestrel go fly by me and land along the edge of the beach in the vegetation....

At some point he flew and landed a bit further west - here you can see the beach scene and some folks collecting shells and doing the "sanibel stoop".

My little friend found a nice post and took some time to reflect and so I let him be.

 I then decided to drive to Bowman's Beach before the crowd becomes off we go...
Well, what a nice surprise - several Red Knots were at the beach today

As you can see some of them are starting to get their bright plumage and before we know it they will make their long journey north....

this fellow has a tag which I reported to the FB page of banded birds.

It was quite nice of him to show me his tag so nicely, don't you think?

Of special notation - these Terns are getting their breeding plumage - check those black caps on the Sandwich Tern and Royal Tern.

Not too far off the beaten path - there's several Osprey Nests - it was fun to catch this one in action....some fish for the lady.

And this concludes my beautiful trek along the sandy path - my soul feels rejuvenated and ready for what the week may bring.

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