Monday, July 22, 2013

Beach visit

 Great morning to be at the beach! I noticed these little guys - I thought they looked familiar, yet there was something different about them.
 They are sanderlings with their summer plumage - very pretty and more colorful than it's winter gray color.
 I also noticed the Royal Terns in their usual group gathering - as I went through my collections at my desk,
 I noticed one in the middle of the pack with a different leg color - back to the books - LOL - this is definitely a huge learning curve. I ended up enlisting the help of other birders to help me clarify what I was not finding in my books.
 Well, it turns out that it's a young one and as the season progresses - so will his leg colors and plumage change.
 Okay....In keeping with the beach theme here - I noticed along the high tide line a gazillions mini sand dollars ...ummm....I wonder if the extra rain - which has most likely sent the fertilizer and pesticide into our waters - has been the source of this occurence.

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