Sunday, July 28, 2013

Harn's Marsh in Lehigh Acres

 I had been itching to get back to Harn's Marsh since my last visit from earlier this year and the wait was worth it.....not to forget the great company that I was with - Thanks John And Carol!
 One of our first sighting was a Limpkin - what a beauty, I never get tired of watching them. Then we caught glimpses of the Sandhill Crane - 7 in all were seen during our 2 mile walk. Unfortunately, they tend to have a knack for fast disappearance act before I can get close enough to put them in the limelight of my camera.
 Then we spotted these little brown guys - they looked familiar, yet I couldn't quite put my wing on it....had to come home, search through my small book collections and did a few online search and I have a strong inkling that it's the Red-Winged Blackbird - female! Doesn't that make sense?!?
 If I am mistaken on that one, then I will gladly eat humble pie - it wouldn't be my first time as I've had a few servings of that in the past. So, folks, don't be shy ..... I can swallow it.
 Here is a pair of them - just sitting and posing....probably hoping that the true to it's name....Red-Winged
 Blackbird will notice them.
 Beautiful wild flowers growing along the edges of the Marsh - their simple beauty are radiant.....who said we need fertilizer to grow beautiful blooms?

 Here's the head scratcher of the day and if my books serve me is a Loggerhead Shrike who has just woken up with a hangover - well, you've got to admit that he's looking kind of scruffy, no?
 Black and Turkey Vultures were numerous in the trees and in riding the thermal - probably resting from an earlier road kill feast.
And there you have it.....another beautiful day out on the trail, discovering nature and wildlife in it's natural doesn't get any better than this.


  1. It's good to know that this magnificent wildlife venue is being appreciated and represented well.

    I have been to this venue many dozens of times at different times of year and times of day, and have never been disappointed.

    It is surprising that Snail Kite is not on your checklist for the trip. You might consider adding your checklists to all your future blog articles which would emulate Tom Obrock.

    My recommendation for trips to Harns Marsh Preserve is to ideally arrive there about 20-30 minutes before sunrise any time of year. At that time in particular, you will see a surprising amount of overflight activity though not best for photography. The Preserve often sounds like a jungle just before sunrise with the Limpkins calling from seemingly every direction.

    As for the Sandhill Cranes, I was in a stationary spot for a few hours (typically) when last at Harns Marsh when two adults and two juveniles of the species walked right in front of me. You have a very good chance of experiencing this as the species's numbers are increasing while breeding there. The adults have a penchant for walking the perimeter of the Preserve with their fledglings or can otherwise often be observed in flight.

    Harns Marsh Preserve is one of the best venues I know to settle down at one location and wait for the action to come to you.

    More visits to Harns Marsh Preserve are strongly encouraged when possible.

  2. Thanks! These are great experiences that you have shared and I look forward to put that on my to do list! BTW, we were anticipating to see the Snail Kite and were a tad bit disappointed not to spot it - better luck next time.

  3. We enjoyed our day with you today very much. We added three birds to our list and loved the beauty of the preserve. We are looking forward to many more adventures with you.

  4. What a wonderful experience for you today...Wish I was there to see all the different birds, but you are always great about sending pics to me. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Larissa, I heard this place is magical before the sun rises too - I'll just have to go back.

  5. Bring me with you...PLEASE. It looks like a great place to get some nice pictures. You can sure tell by yours...glad to see you enjoyed your day.

  6. Another wonderful looking spot I've added to my "must visit" list! Thank you!