Friday, January 23, 2015

Lighthouse and Indigo Trail

I had several things lined up on my agenda today and I carved some time in between to spend some time with my feathered friends. I hadn't been to the lighthouse in some time and I figured it was high time to visit.
Ahh, what is it about a sunrise and the promises of a new day! It just takes my breath away and brings spirit bumps all over.

This Great Black-backed Gull did not go undetected from my eyes.....

after all, he towers over everyone else.

Did I mention that it was very windy today? The birds, including this Snowy Egret, were doing overtime and working hard at staying grounded.

This young Brown Pelican was hanging around the pilings of the pier.

Bullies are everywhere!

All's well - just a bit ruffled.

A bit more light now to admire the Great Black-backed Gull.

I spent some time watching an Osprey with some nesting material in his talons and how he just hovered in the wind.

Off he went, his lady is waiting for this - so that the nest can be in ship-shape condition.

One last skyward look before I peel myself away. A lecture is taking place at Ding Darling and I need to get ready.

It is now early afternoon on the Indigo Trail - a Tricolored Heron was it by the boardwalk - he ate his fill.

I had the hopes of photographing a Green-winged Teal. I got good looks in between branches and leaves - this male is really gorgeous.

Have you ever noticed how Ducks are always smiling? Life is just ducky after all.

On my way out of the trail, I spent a bit of time with a Screech Owl.....

very special, if you ask me.


  1. I did get a chuckle at some of your photos. Love the do on the snowy egret. Did I see some bullying going on? You even got some good shots of the screech owl. I love the sunrise. Just beautiful.

    1. Those Snowy might be dainty - but don't let that fool you. Size doesn't matter LOL

  2. Loved your owl and green wing teal!

    1. many opportunities to see and enjoy the beautiful creatures on this earth and so little is good to slow down and enjoy what is in front of me,.

  3. What an amazing orange tree! I have never seen anything like that. It reminds me of the variety at the Mulberry tree Ft. DeSoto in the Spring! I wonder if the two egrets were doing some sort of mating dance; I recently saw two swans doing something similar (putting their heads in the water over each other's necks) who were also a mating pair.

    1. I've seen the Mulberry Trees in Ft.Desoto during migration and WOW - love those warblers munching on the berries with juice stains all over their bills.