Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lakes Park in Fort Myers

 Lakes Park is this little gem that is situated in the middle of housing developments, business centers, mega stores and busy highway....yet, once you step through the gate - you forget about the traffic and the
rush hours. This is 279 acres and of that there is
158 acres of fresh water quarry lake.
There is wildlife galore - even in the middle of the

 One of my first sighting - not counting the gazillions birds that flew overhead - was the Great Egret - it was busy getting it's fill with food.
Sometimes I forget how amazingly beautiful and gracious this bird is - even though I am used to seeing it - it always brings a sense of peace when I see it.
 Then the Great Blue Heron was spotted, though he's looking a bit scruffy and magestic with his size and good posture.
He, too, was busy getting his meal.
What a great spot - along the water with fresh grass underfoot and respect from passer by. He let me take his photo and wasn't bothered.

We can't forget the Osprey - always vigilent and
watching with an eagle eye.

   The smaller herons - the Tri-Colored and the Little Blue were present in amazing numbers it seemed.
   After a bit, I ventured down the path to the area which leads into a dirt path with more trees and
   vegetation....which brought about many butterflies and dragonflies - enough pics for another post.
    I did encounter a Blue Gray Gnatcatcher (?) actually, there was several moving above my head in the
    trees gathering insects and singing. I love these surprises, don't you?


  1. Wow what a wonderful place to go see wildlife. I love the shot of the path. So quiet. Looks like you could get lost in your own little world.

  2. Nice shots!Yes, that last photo is a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.

  3. That looks like a beautiful park! Nice capture of the Gnatcatcher - they don't hold still for long!