Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Visit at the Slough

 I got a good laugh out of this one when I opened it up on my computer - a bit x-rated.
 The turtles looked like they were ready to start marching, though they were staying put and basking in the sunlight.
 Sparkling white fungi growing on a log - it just had a special quality.
 The elusive Downy Woodpecker - so quick, so sweet and very hard to capture on camera....he made me work for that one.
 Beautiful lilies growing in the pond - so delicate - yet the ferocious gator share it's habitat.

 This pretty yellow flower was planted in a butterfly garden - set just by the entrance to the slough, many butterflies were busy feeding and fluttering around.
 I love the Slough - it is peaceful, it brings serenity to my soul and it happens to be a "cool" place to be at in the hot summer of southwest Florida.


  1. I love the orange butterfly (slough)...

  2. Hi France, thanks for posting your link to your blog. I look forward to following it. Bob Stalnaker