Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bailey Tract

The Bailey Tract - Open everyday dawn to fee....suggested activities: Wildlife viewing, Photography, Fishing, Biking and walking....or just plain BEing.
The Bailey Tract goals.....The refuge continues to hope to restore the tract to its original spartina marsh habitat, control the invasive plants, continue to protect the native plant and animal species that occur here, and provide wildlife viewing and interpretation opportunities for refuge visitors. Restoration may also encourage past natives, such as the Smooth-billed Ani, to return. Personally - I've never seen one, so that would be a life bird for me.
 The Bailey Tract and what it looked like last month before the prescribed burn took place. A lot of people don't quite understand the reason why it takes place - when it is explained that it is actually a preventative action - which also gets rids of many invasive too - then, it seems to be more accepted. Being that Florida is the Lightning capital of the world - it only makes sense to do this.

 The prescribed burn took place a week ago - it was in the plan to burn all 100 acres but the wind shifted and the burn was terminated sooner as a safety measure.
 This is at the entrance to the boardwalk that leads to the Airplane Canal - so named for the fact that the first refuge manager, Tommy Wood, used the canal as a take-off and landing strip for the sea plane from which he conducted wildlife surveys. (this was before I came here). This canal is now connected to the Sanibel River, into which freshwater drains off the island.
 Isn't it interesting that, even with burned vegetation - this juvenile Little Blue Heron is able to feed. 
Now, if you look closely, you'll be able to see the new green shoots coming up - truly amazing!
Look at the Cabbage Palm trees in the distance - they may look dead to you but don't let that fool you.....before you know it, there will be green palm fronds coming up and it will be green and lush.

And there you have it......Wildlife - big and small - is quite alive even in the midst of difficulties......sometimes we have to pass through some tough times never realizing that it is leading us to where we are meant to the end, it usually turns out quite well.
Check my E-Bird list to see my sighting this morning - sure it's not much but soon - the birds, just like the snowbirds, will start returning and we'll have much to see and by then it will all be lush and green.


  1. Beautiful place! Your wonderful pictures made me feel I was there. Thank you!